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Founded by

Brahmleen Mahent Chand Nath Yogi Ji

Starting from a school with 12 students to a University in 12 years, sums up the endless efforts of this man. “A Man With Vision, A Man With Mission, A Man Trying To Change Life's Through Health & Education”


  • 21st Jun 1956 : Born in a small village, Begampur of Delhi.
  • 21st Jun 1978 : Enunciated into Nath sect.
  • 21st Jun 1979 : In-charge of “Nathan Wali Their” Hanuman Garh Strived hard to bring up a 150 beds charitable eye hospital and got constructed 2 Ashrams and 2 Gaushalas
  • 21st Jun 1984 : Nominated successor.
  • 7th Jan 1985 : Became Mahent of the Gaddi.
  • In the year 1987 : Shribaba MastNath public school at civil road, rohtak.
  • In the year 1988 : Shribaba MastNath Residential school in the math premises.
  • During 1995 : Shribaba MastNath Institute of Management Studies and Research.
  • In the year 1996 : Shribaba MastNath Pharamaceutical College.
  • In the year 1997 : Shribaba MastNath Engineering College.
  • In the year 2000 : Shribaba MastNath Nursing Institute.
  • In the year 2000 : Shribaba MastNath Sanskrit Sansthan.

Ever since he has become symbol of Social , Religious , Philosophical and Philanthropic Work.

Honors & Awards

  • Ph.D. (Honorary)
  • Indira Gandhi Sadbhawna Award
  • International Millennium Golden Jublee Award
  • Shiksha Ratan Award
  • Chikitsa Ratan Award


Shribaba Mastnath Sr. Sec. Public School, Civil Road, Rohtak is the brain child of ADORABLE SAINT MAHENT SHRI CHAND NATH JI YOGI. He visualized this school as a place of learning where students find holistic education. He is like a group revered Banyan tree. In the shade of his kindness SMPS has grown into a school with state presence. He has lit up thousands of lives with his divine light of knowledge.

He is the pioneer of Shribaba Mastnath Group of Institutions at Asthal Bohar, Rohatk.He has successfully carried forward the good works initiated and dreamt by his predecessors of C.M.’s City, Rohtak is known as the Hub of Educational City, SHRIBABA MASTNATH GROUP OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS play a vital role in making it. He has been a visionary , a symbol of sacrifice , carries forward the rich inherent legacy, rituals and rich traditions of his ancestors . He is a dynamic social man and runs many charitable organizations. He fought and won by - election from reserved constituency BEROR in Rajasthan under the symbol of BJP. Mrs. Vasundhra Raje Sindhiya then Chief Minister backed him. He worked there tirelessly and brought the neglected constituency on the front map of success.

Shribaba Mastnath Group of Educational Institutions have been the host of numerous district, state and National level events (religious, cultural, social, political). Distinguished people from different arena have visited the institutions on many occasions. Because of his immense contribution to the society, he was awarded with Indira Gandhi millennium award and Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhawna award

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