Fresh Pupils are ordinarily admitted only at the beginning of April, No admission is made until the child has passed the test in general aptitude or class standard in Compulsory subjects. A Child who has attended a recognized school cannot be admitted without a school leaving certificate from the school last attended. Candidates coming from other schools have to get their leaving certificates countersigned by the Inspector of schools of that area District Education Officer/Regional Office of C.B.S.E. Students seeking admission in class XI, will have to deposit Migration Certificate to be obtained from previous Education Board.

Children are ordinarily admitted to Nursery and XI class only. The minimum age for admission to the Nursery class is 2½ Years.


The name of student, due to long absence or non-payment of dues, will be struck off without notice. For re-admission a student will have to pay re-admission fee Rs. 500/- plus the dues up to date. However, the principal is authorised to refuse re-admission without assigning any reason.
Note :-

  • Terms and conditions regarding admission/continuation, fees and funds shall be subject to change or modification which will be applicable from the New academic session.
  • By law/norms of the school will be applicable on occurrence automatically.
  • The parents should see that even if the students are admitted late during the term, the fees for the whole academic year will be charged unless a student has paid the fees in the previous school.
  • Only security is refundable.

Documents Required

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Report Card of Previous Class
  • One Photo-Passport Size