ShriBaba MastNath School Rohtak has special integrated working relationship with the Institute and the teaching methods and the processes are organized in such a manner that our regular school teaching takes care of their CBSE Board Exam as well as their preparedness for various competitive exams.

Many of our students regularly join various highly reputed Engineering, Medical and other professional colleges without extra coaching.


We have a very well maintained chemistry laboratory in our school. The laboratory is equipped with various chemical appratus, charts, models required by school students of various classes upto XII .It has capacity for 24-25 students at one time to work. It has a big demonstration table for demo of practicals .It provides ample scope for practical thoughts to explore in scientific world. Students take keen interest by performing various experiments related to theoretical concepts . It provides all modern facility to work, to maintain cleanliness and first aid kit for students if any incident takes place while working in lab .It has attached store room for safe keeping of various chemicals.


We have a very good physics lab in which we have:-

  1. Well arranged equipments more than that is required.
  2. Good arranged system of electricity for practicals that need it as well as for the comfort of students.
  3. Good and airy rooms which can accommodate more than 25 students at the same time.
  4. Charts and models are there in Physics lab for proper understanding of theory as well as practical.


We have well maintained laboratory where the necessary equipments, chemicals, microscopes, preserved specimens of plants and animals, permanent slide boxes, charts, models and required facilities are available needed by a science student and teacher to perform experiments. It is very significant place where one can test his theoretical knowledge practically for its validity. One can get opportunity to learn the science by performing practicals. Our laboratory has capacity for 25-30 students at one time to work. We have also small attached store room for keeping preserved materials i.e. monocot and dicot root and stem, algae, fungi etc in the almirahs.


We are having well maintained laboratory in which we have:

  1. 1. Well arranged equipments, class wise kits to perform lab activities.
  2. Geometry box, geometrical solid shapes are also available in this lab.
  3. Charts and models are also there in the lab for proper understanding of theory as well as practicals.
  4. Our laboratory has capacity for 25 students at one time to work.
  5. One can get opportunity to learn mathematical concepts by performing practicals.


With the changing trends, computer education at the school level has assumed a vital role. The school has three well-equipped AC laboratories with 48 computers for inculcating knowledge on a fast track so that students of this school ultimately become leaders in this field. The school provides the necessary latest designed hardware and software infrastructure to cater for the computing needs of the students and staff and the training need of information technology related courses. All the systems are having necessary software and latest configuration.


For classes Nursery to 12th we provide dance and music periods. By Dance and Music we make the students to learn about our culture and fill them with patriotism. The students enjoy dance and music classes. Time to time we organized many cultural activities and competition for students and with those activities and competitions for students come to know about our culture and western culture also. In present schedule when every student is busy in studies and compete exam we refresh their mind through dance and music classes. Time by time we decided to do cultural activities on the basis of festivals and introduce them festival culture. We also tell them moral values. We do not believe in modernization and we know that students don’t believe in cultural programmes but time by time we motivate them to accept our Indian culture along with that there is no need to neglect their modern thinking.